Tweedles // Biting

Evan let out a shuddering breath when Ethan’s hand wrapped around him, his hips arching up into the touch immediately. “Patience,” he heard whispered in his ear before the hand set up a slow, steady pace, working exactly the way he’d work himself. Evan whimpered, biting his lip hard as his hand lowered to wrap around his twin, following the same actions. He heard the telltale moan signaling the beginnings of pleasure from Ethan and stayed at the same pace as him, working slowly.

Ethan sped his hand slightly, shivering slightly as Evan did the same, and ducked his head to feather kisses along his neck. Hearing a whimper from his twin, he pressed a little heavier, running his thumb over the tip and twisting his wrist slightly at the end of each pump. Pausing just a moment to let his own pleasure overtake him, a thought came into Ethan’s mind. I wonder….

Without thinking further, the more dominant twin grazed his teeth along Evan’s neck carefully. Evan whimpered louder, his hips arching forward again at the feeling and breathed, “Ethan, please…” Ethan smirked slightly at the sound, biting a little harder. The whimper became a slightly longer whine, Evan arching up into the touch and whispering, “D-do it again…”

Three bites later, Evan was arching up into Ethan’s hand as he reached his peak, releasing onto his hand with panting breaths. As he started to come down, his ministrations on his twin grew quicker. Evan paused just a moment before leaning up and sinking his teeth into his brother’s neck.

The simple bite was enough to send Ethan over the edge, a quiet moan of his twin’s name on his lips. Breathing heavily, his eyes shut tight for a moment as Evan pumped him through his orgasm, opening again as he started coming down. He met Evan’s eye, the two staying quiet for just a minute before smiling wide at one another and cleaning up quickly to cuddle.