Tweedles // Fingers

Evan shuddered slightly at the feeling of the finger, so identical to his, circling his entrance gingerly. Ethan moved higher up his twin’s body, pressing a gentle kiss to his lips. “I’ve got you,” he said softly before slipping the finger in gently. 

It was… Strange. He supposed that was the best word for it. Not unpleasant, no, just the opposite in fact. Just strange. As he adjusted to the feeling of something inside him, Evan nodded that it was okay for Ethan to move, letting out a surprised groan as the feeling became pleasant. “E-Ethan…” he stuttered, meeting his twin’s eyes.

“I’ve got you,” he whispered, continuing the same motion until he felt the muscles starting to loosen up. Smiling softly, he ducked his head to  press a light kiss to Evan’s lips, slipping a second finger in gently.

Evan hissed quietly at the burn, the hand on his twin’s upper arm tightening at the pain. Ethan’s hand stilled, waiting for him to adjust to the feeling again. When his hand relaxed, Ethan started moving his hand slowly, drawing a second surprised moan from his twin’s lips.

Ethan’s eyes stayed focused on Evan as he moved his hand carefully, starting to scissor his fingers. He wrapped his hand around his twin’s erection carefully, starting up a slow pump in time with the thrusts of his fingers. 

Evan let out quiet little whimpers, his fists tightening in the sheets as the pleasure started shooting through him in fiercer waves. 

And then Ethan curled his fingertips experimentally.

Evan’s back arched off of the bed, a loud cry passing his lips. Ethan felt his walls flutter around his fingers and knew he’d found that elusive spot. He curled his fingers again, drawing another loud sound from his twin, along with a whimpered, “EthanpleaseI’msoclose….”

Ethan sped his hands up carefully, curling his fingertips with each thrust. Evan’s back arched high just three thrusts later, his fingers tightening hard in the sheets and on Ethan’s upper arm as he reached his peak, Ethan’s name spilling from his lips in a loud whimper.