Tweedles // Taste

Ethan let out a shuddering breath as Evan’s lips touched the skin below his bellybutton, normally covered by jeans. Biting his lip as his eyes focused on the blue eyes looking up at him, he moved one hand from the sheets to his twin’s hair, silently telling him he didn’t have to if he didn’t want to.

Evan lowered his eyes for just a moment at Ethan’s silent words, focusing on what was now in front of him. Ethan, so very much like him, perfectly identical in everyone’s eyes. Ethan was so beautiful… Raising his eyes back again, Evan took him into his hand, as he had so many times before, reveling in the quiet gasp and the lust-blown pupils for a moment. 

And then he lowered his head, swiping his tongue over the head tentatively.

The sound that came from Ethan’s throat brought a whimper from Evan’s throat. Repeating the action, he took the head into his mouth, sucking gently.

Ethan’s hand tightened in Evan’s hair, trying his hardest not to thrust his hips up into the warmth and wetness that was his twin’s mouth. “Fuck, Evan…” he moaned quietly, the sound deep in his throat.

Evan, spurred on by the sounds Ethan made, started bobbing his head slowly, careful not to take him too far in one shot and gag himself. Within a couple of minutes, he was taking him down fully, slowly, with each bob.

A quiet whine caught in Ethan’s throat when Evan swallowed around him, the familiar warmth bubbling in the pit of his stomach quickly. “E-Evan, I’m close,” he moaned, his head falling back for a moment after another swallow.

Evan paused for just a moment before swallowing a few times, urging his twin to climax.

The consecutive swallows were too much for Ethan to hold back from. His back arched, his hand tightening further in his hair as his eyes focused on his twin’s. He fell over the edge then, a choked moan of Evan’s name on his lips.

Evan swallowed consistently, taking down as much as Ethan gave before pulling off of him and smiling sheepishly, moving back up his twin’s body.

Ethan, panting, pulled Evan into a slow, sweet kiss, groaning as he tasted himself on the other’s tongue. As his breath calmed, he gave the other a wicked smirk, flipping their positions. “My turn.”